Ochrana životného prostredia

In accordance with environmental protection, MIKOV Skalica adheres to the following principles: – reduces the consumption of all types of energy and ensures their efficient use – protects the environment through the implementation of cleaner production principles in its activities (production process, administration) – carries out business activities in accordance with applicable environmental regulations and other obligations – provides education of all employees on environmental protection and the impact of their activities on the environment in order to increase their environmental awareness.

Our company participated in the project EKOprofit Bratislava 2012 – 2014

EKOprofit is a globally successful consultancy programme for companies to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. The aim of EKOprofit is to prevent and reduce environmental aspects and their impacts such as waste prevention, emissions instead of disposal and treatment. Within the EKOprofit Bratislava project, the company learns to systematically identify and implement measures to reduce the operating costs and environmental impacts of their activities.